You Belong Here.

At LifeSource, we make it a priority to help all believers grow in spiritual maturity and become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Because the Christian life is one of constant growth and development, we are focused on providing biblical principles that can be applied to everyday life. We want to help you move from a spectator in the stands to active involvement in the work of God’s kingdom.

Let's Find Your Journey

Why do we call it “Church Partnership” and not “Church Membership?”

In our cultural context, the term membership can imply that the church is something you can merely “join” in the same way you join a local health club, golf course, or community organization. Membership in those settings involves paying a set of dues to an organization in exchange for a service. You have certain privileges as a member, and your relationship with that organization is a consumer in nature.

A church however isn’t something you just “join”. It is assuming the responsibility of committing, sharing, and investing in relationships with one another and helping fulfill the mission and purpose of the church. It is much more like joining a team than an organization.  Therefore, we feel that the term “partner” best describes what it means to be intentionally committed to a local church. The partnership is less about special privileges and more about intentional accountability, serving, and overseeing your discipleship to Jesus. 

The Expectations of Church Partnership

What you can expect from the Leadership of LifeSource:

∙To pray for you weekly.
∙To provide authentic environments where you can connect with God in worship.
∙To provide solid biblical instruction.
∙To hold you accountable in becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus.
∙To equip you for the works of the ministry as best as we can.
∙To empower you to step out in your gifts and callings and impact those around you.
∙To encourage you in your spiritual journey.

What the Leadership of LifeSource can expect from you:

∙To "Be Here" by attending worship services and special events as much as possible.
∙To "Live Life Here" by getting involved in a Life Group and other life-giving opportunities.
∙To "Minister Here" by using your spiritual gifts to fulfill your God-given passion & purpose.
∙To "Give Here" by joyfully tithing 10% and participating in other freewill offerings.
Those who believe in the Vision and Values of LifeSource, align with our Statement of Faith, and feel that God has led them to become an active part of our church family may join LifeSource as a Partner at the conclusion of the Journey Class.

At LifeSource, we try our best to operate in unity. We ask that you ensure you are not bringing the wounds of broken relationships and unresolved offenses with you from your previous church experience.  If you ever sense that the season of serving God with LifeSource may end, we ask that you include our Pastors and any of your direct Ministry Leaders in the prayer and discernment process.

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As you consider investing your heart, time, family, and finances into the life of a church, it is important for you to feel confident in the church’s vision and its leadership. Our goal in sharing the details of our church mission, vision, and values is that you will understand that our church is structured to support our priorities of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.”