Tickets are available for purchase at the door.

Forgiving Forward Seminar with Dr. Bruce and Toni Hebel

New Dates: Friday, August 5 6:30-8:30 pm & Saturday, August 6 9 am-1 pm
LifeSource Community Church 1601 South Main, Lindale

Ticket Costs: $35 for Solo Ticket & $50 for a Couple Ticket

If you need financial assistance for your ticket(s), please email info@LifeSourceLindale.com.

In the Forgiving Forward seminar, you will learn:
How to be free from your past wounds forever
Why God expects forgiven people to forgive others
How Jesus forgave
How forgiveness and faith are connected
Heaven's protocols for forgiveness
How to know you've completely forgiven
How to help someone else forgive and find freedom


God expects forgiven people to forgive others so much so that He severely disciplines us when we don't forgive. You will learn the connection between unforgiveness and depression, anxiety, addictions, outbursts of anger and fear; as well as how forgiveness is at the core of the Gospel.


How did Jesus forgive? learn how He never let the offense determine His forgiveness; how He predetermined to forgive; how He chose to pay our debt and how He connects His forgiveness with ours.


Learn how to apply the Protocols of Forgiveness and experience the healing of past wounds, freedom from turmoil and torment, and release from strongholds and addictions.


Learn how to help someone else forgive; how to recognize their unforgiveness and guide them to freedom.

Forgiving Forward is helping people experience the freedom of the Gospel through the power of forgiveness.

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The Hebels

Dr. Bruce Hebel

Dr. Bruce Hebel is an international speaker with a compelling message that is revolutionizing the hearts of people from all walks of life. Raised in a pastor’s home and educated to pastor the local church, Bruce is now following God’s call to the Church at large. Backed by over 30 years experience leading churches, all of his training has led to this: helping people experience the freedom of the gospel through the power of forgiveness. Through Forgiving Forward, Bruce and his wife, Toni, are committed to bringing life back to the Church and its leaders through the power of forgiveness. Bruce is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and serves as Adjunct Professor at Carver College.

Toni Hebel

Toni Hebel is a gifted communicator who serves alongside her husband and often speaks with him at events. She has been a guest speaker for various ladies events and retreats nationally as well as internationally. For over 25 years Toni has enjoyed teaching the Bible to women. She is passionate about helping all women find freedom while restoring their God-given destinies through an intimate relationship with Jesus. In addition, Toni is a skilled musician who has taught piano for over 25 years. Bruce and Toni live south of Atlanta and are blessed with three wonderful grown and married children who are all active in ministry, as well as four grandchildren.