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Watch the video of the Coffee Chat Live with Pastors John, Keith and Andrew as they talk about Serve Day THIS SUNDAY!

Serve Day: Being the Hands & Feet of Jesus in Our Community
Instead of "doing church", we go into the community to "be the church." If you have signed up online or in the Lobby at church, you are registered and do not need to register again! In the week before Serve Day, your team leader will be sending you more information about your team assignment.
On Sunday, January 30, plan to be at the church in your work clothes by 8 am for the team send-off. Everyone will return to the church for the Church Cook-Out at Noon! Please bring lawn chairs. You don't have to be a LifeSource church partner to attend, we invite everyone to come by, eat and chat with us at noon!
If you have attended The Journey and have a "I was created for this" shirt, you can wear it, but it is not required. If you did not sign up for a Serve Team and want to work, just show up on Sunday at 8 am ready to serve and we will find a project for you!

REMINDER: This Sunday, there are church services at LifeSource.